Sunday, 19 July 2015

Original 2nd Doctor item on eBay -
July 2015

I spotted this original Doctor Who scripts on eBay this month.

They are being sold on behalf of the author, Victor Pemberton, so they have some interesting provenance.

Colony Of Devils (Fury From The Deep) episode 1
This is an original first draft episode one rehearsal script from the BBC Television programme "Doctor Who".

Colony Of Devils (Fury From The Deep) episode 2
This script is from 1968 for DOCTOR WHO AND THE COLONY OF DEVILS which was the working title of FURY FROM THE DEEP starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor.

Colony Of Devils (Fury From The Deep) episode 3
The butterfly clip is a little rusty, and some of the outer pages have become slightly discoloured with time but bear in mind the scripts are 47 year old.

Colony Of Devils (Fury From The Deep) episode 4
For authenticity, Victor has signed the front page of each episode.

Colony Of Devils (Fury From The Deep) episode 5
I have been asked to sell Doctor Who ítems on behalf of Victor Pemberton (creator of the sonic screw driver) who due to his advancing years and health problems feels it is time to clear his archives.

Colony Of Devils (Fury From The Deep) episode 6
This is just one of the complete set of 6 original rehearsal scripts for DOCTOR WHO AND THE COLONY OF DEVILS.
These items are genuine scripts from 1968 from Victors personal archive.


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